Web Satire “ThatsWhatsUp!” Episode Now On Vlad TV

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If you dont know by now Catuz produces the popular Radio One web show ThatsWhatsUp!. This 2010 year end wrap up episode takes cracks @ Will, Jada, & Willow Smith, as well as nominating Jay-Z & Justin Bieber for an illumanati award.

All in good fun of course, ThatsWhatsUp! pulls over 10,000 hits a week on average and features The Mighty Casey of the rap parody “White Girls” fame, and up and coming comedic actor ‘The’ Kevin Powell, and Atlanta poet Sugar Johnson.

You can catch a brand new episodes of Cak..?13 and this crazy comedy troupe, on www.theurbandaily.com every Wednesday.


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On January 11, 2011
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