W A N D E R L U S T: A Musical Noir

Produced by AMAS noir 2016 Caktuz [Executive Producer, Writer, Director] Blaque Bird [Associate Producer, Associate Writer, Assistant Director] Zelma Higgs [Associate Producer, Associate Writer] Jay Mail [Associate Producer] Music & Score by Caktuz

September 9, 2016

wanserlust screenshot 4

W A N D E R L U S T  is a gritty dramatic visual album written & directed by indie hip hop rocker, Caktuz. This 3 act urban noir follows the story of a street hustler turned wandering musician, coming back to his home town of High Point, North Carolina after mysteriously leaving everyone and everything behind.


The story’s backdrop revolves around a cryptic presence, seemingly trapped in the small country town, that gradually transforms the mental state of the infected into that of cold, calculating, killers, who then feed off death & corruption for power.


Upon return he quickly learns of a troubled ex-lover, Starr (Zelma Higgs), now working for the same underboss, Miss Mama Bird ([Blaque] Bird), who has been overtaken with the infection. He agrees to take on a job for Bird in hopes to get close enough to save Starr from turning, even after Bird’s stern warning to stay away from her.

wanserlust screenshot 2Caktuz struggles with his tumultuous past with Bird, and his own smoldering demons, while taking refuge in his music and a steamy love affair bent on finding a way out before the town swallows them as well. Caktuz vows to escape once again, and get Starr out by any means necessary.

Musically driven in likes of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, The Beatles’ “Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band”, or Prince’s “Purple Rain”; Wanderlust is a 80 minute film. Mainly a hip hop album, the accompanying soundtrack encompasses a variety of genres including pop, blues, rock, soul, funk, EDM, and trap. It features guest vocals from [Blaque] Bird, Evil Twin, Jay Mail, Mic Blaque, Path P., J Finale, Blizzy Bambu, and Ronve’.

Wanderlust also expands its characters world with the Washington D.C. based web series, Corleone’s Way (also written and directed by Caktuz), leaving surprise ‘easter eggs’ for fans to follow within it’s story arch. This blueprint allows audiences to be swept in a continuous drama that introduces a collective of new talent with every new offering.

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