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Executive Produced by Charles 'Shorty Corleone' Garris & Caktuz. Produced by Innovative Recordings in association with AMAS noir. Written by Caktuz & Shorty Croleone.

March 10, 2016

CORLEONESWAY-LOGO-MEME2Frontman, Shorty Corleone, to the legendary Go Go band Rare Essence, presents Corleone’s Way. This musical drama series, directed by Caktuz, is a gritty urban noir set in the underworld of Washington D.C.’s Go-Go scene. In a recent article, The Washington Post declared Go Go was in the midst of a powerful ‘resurgence’ into popular music and culture. Pressured by growing violence and controversy associated with Go Go culture. the enigmatic sound that dominated clubs and radio in the 90’s, was almost wiped out completely within its own city by police and politicians looking to sway voters.

Corleone’s Way, begins with local DC music star, Shorty Corleone, coming into an epiphany about the rise of a new Go Go movement, and how integral he was in making it happen. As Shorty’s star power begins to shine brighter in Go Go, he begins to build a powerful following, that Strong, a local street boss that took him under wing as a kid, can’t help but take advantage of. The reckless gangster begins to pressures Shorty into using his tour to distribute a new synthetic drug, called K-2, nationwide. Conflicted with his newly given ambition, and loyalty to Strong, Shorty must find a way to break free from his street ties, and for fill his role in a Go Go legacy bigger than all of them..

Unlike other urban dramas, the series uses musical montage’s as dialogue to paint the storyline of these intersecting characters caught in the crossfire of shady business, drug abuse, violence, & corruption while living in the shadows of past legends.
The journey in overcoming Go Go’ stigma bring out the best elements of human spirit; such as love, pride, and loyalty to somehow still peak from under the cloak of madness surrounding each of them, either on the brink of implosion or success.

This series will give the world a glimpse into D.C.’s homegrown sub-culture, while also unifying young and older generations of Go Go and DC music culture on film, for the 1st time, in a light never before seen. Once touted as the dirty cousin to Hip Hop, today’s Go-Go music and culture is the new Rock N’ Roll.

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